5 Methods to Enhance Your Website Homepage
By Chris Kelley

Your website is your virtual business home.

If you wish to treat it as such, here 5 simple methods to improve your homepage— and guess what, they’re more straightforward than you think.

1. Add Content Regularly

If you want consistent traffic to your website, it’s crucial to keep it updated. Websites need frequent updating as good SEO depends on it. It also keeps your fans, customers, and clients interacting with your site. To ensure you’re hitting minimal thresholds of freshness— schedule a monthly or semi-monthly reminder to update the content on the homepage.

2. Add a Call to Action

Calls to action don’t have to be big asks to be practical. Ask yourself where you are in your website visitors’ customer cycle (awareness, discovery, and trust) to make savvy CTA’s.

Want to create awareness? Ask visitors to share your site on social or by email.
Want to enhance discovery? Add a sign-up for your email list – When people sign up for your email list, you create an ongoing connection allowing you to market to them. Most email marketing software is easily integrated into modern websites.
Want to cash in on trust? Ask your fans to shop in your e-Commerce store. Contact Cacti Web Agency to learn more about how we can improve your click-through rates or add a prominent “Shop Now” button on your page.

3. Make it Easy to Contact You

Review your homepage objectively. Are you making visitors work hard to figure out how to reach you? Think of ways you like to contact businesses and take steps to enhance your lead funnel.

Cacti Web Agency recommends including ways to contact you in the header or footer of every page. At a minimum, contain an email address and phone number. Some customers have repeating questions. If so, consider adding an FAQ page in the footer.

4. Add Video

We will assume you already have images on your page and recommend videos as an excellent way to engage your site visitors. With platforms like Tik Tok and Youtube, so much of today’s internet is tailored toward video, so why not meet your visitors where they are already? Consider creating a how-to video or one demonstrating your product or of you welcoming visitors. Load it on YouTube or another video platform. Then embed the code to put it on your site.

5. Improve Page Speed

If your home page loads slowly, visitors may never go beyond it. And prolonged loading periods on pages can negatively affect rankings in search engines. Take a speed test here. The best part: you’ll get suggestions for improving the speed.

Reach out to Cacti today to get started with any of these 5 methods.